How to choose your first stone paper notebook – analysis of market leader Karst

Each year stone paper notebooks are gaining new levels of popularity. It’s like the case of Tesla when the buzz of product users is stronger than the wave of product marketing. If you choose to go for your first tree-free notebook it’s not an easy task to choose the best option. Let’s make a quick analysis of the stone paper notebooks market leader Karst.


The main thing to understand when you go for a stone paper notebook is that paper quality will be either similar or the same on different brands. Either you choose Karst stone paper notebook or any other stone paper notebook – in all cases, stone paper is made out of the same stone – limestone. Most stone paper brands are only stone paper distributors, which means it’s possible that for example, three different brands use stone paper from the same factory. In other words, it’s not worth examining the quality too much, in most cases it will be very similar.


This is the hard part. It’s a good idea to think of what you want before checking up on what the market has to offer. Karst stone paper notebooks are usually in solid colors, so if you want something crazy it’s a must to check out other brands. Also, keep in mind that if you can’t find what you want you can always contact either Karst or any other brand owners for making a special design for you, Notebook sellers will always be glad to help.


Karst stone paper notebooks brand was one of the first brands to enter this business. It’s natural that their price is also on the TOP list. If your goal is to find a cheaper option without any quality compromise you might want to check out Roca stone paper brand. The product itself is similar, designs are similar, but the price is more user friendly.

To sum up, when choosing your first tree-free notebook you should consider only design and price. Quality will probably pleasantly surprise you in all cases, so concentrate on your taste and wallet.

Like standard paper, only better.
Waterproof. Tear resistant. Made from stone.

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