Custom Stone Paper Notebooks

We are ready to customize stone paper notebooks with your own branding and message. Stone paper is all about creativity to use nature resources without making any harm on levels of water, trees and chemical waste. Reward your employees or partners with world changing present!

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Covers reflect your imagination

Anything, that lives in your imagination can live on stone paper notebooks cover! Will it be something abstract and beautiful? Or maybe it will contain company values? You name it.

Inspire with your example

There is a saying, that we can only change people by our example. And in this case changes are really BIG. 1 ton of wood pulp paper  takes 20,4 Gigajoules of energy while Roca’s paper needs only 3,1. While 1 ton of wood pulp paper takes 18 trees, by using Roca stone paper you are giving people an example to write without any trees or water consumption.  


Great user experiance

The feel when writing on Roca stone paper is similar to traditional paper, but better. When you hold a Roca notebook for the first time you feel it’s a bit heavier than a traditional notebook, but you will be surprised of it’s advantages. Roca’s paper is brighter than traditional paper and it’s fully waterproof, resistant to grease and washable. You feel different with this kind of notebook. It doesn’t take much time for others to notice that you took a creative and environmentally friendly solution. 

Ready to get started?

Just fill in your details below, and we will be in touch. Alternatively, if you want to discuss any additional features not included in the form, email your requirements to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you shortly.


What's the minimum order for custom notebooks?

The minimum order size for custom books is 100 units. 

How long does it all take?

Once we have your approval with the final proof file, it usually takes between 2-6 weeks to get your products delivered to you.

Which products can I customise?

We can customize all products that we sell.
In addition, we can also create notebook of any size and type per your requirements.