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What is Roca Stone Paper?

Stone Paper is type of paper that is made from crushed stone. It’s idea is about sustainable development with respect to our planet. By using mineral power (Calcium Carbonate) Stone Paper bags and packages are tree-free, and no water or bleach is used during production, which is the case during the production of traditional wood pulp paper.

What’s the environmental benefit of using stone paper as compared to regular tree pulp paper?

Stone Paper is produced entirely from recycled waste material and has a minimal impact on the environment, all the while 18 trees are required to be chopped down to produce 1.000 kg of pulp paper. Also it takes consumption of 2.770 liter of water to create 1.000 kg of tree pulp paper and with Roca stone paper any water consumption is prevented.

Are Roca products recyclable?

Yes. Simply recycle it to Plastics (HDPE). But to let you know the production-process, and end-product are clean and non-wasteful. In addition, Roca Stone Paper paper is easily broken down by sunlight; 200 micron thick G-ECO paper will begin to break and crack like an eggshell in the outside air in a period of 9 to 12 months (if the material is left in the sun 10 hours a day). It can also be easily burned without the release of harmful gasses.

Do you mine stone to make Roca stone paper?

No, that’s the best part, it’s made from waste. Calcium carbonate is one of the world’s most abundant resources, and our partners gather it from the waste of quarries and construction industry.

What happens to different pens on this paper?

Ballpoints and gel pens will work perfectly fine! However, be aware that stone paper does not absorb ink, and it may take a second or two for gel based pen ink to dry. The good part of it is that it uses 15 to 20% less ink during print in comparison to wood pulp paper. 

Do the pages tear?

Roca Stone paper is very difficult to tear and will generally stretch before it tears. But when you are cutting it it works just as with traditional paper.

Can you fold Roca Stone Paper?

Yes, you can create stone paper origami as easy as it is with regular paper.

Can I use it underwater?

Stone Paper is 100% waterproof and liquids have no effect on the material. If it gets wet, you can simply dry it.


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