3 Myths about Stone Paper Notebooks

If you take 10 minutes to google stone paper notebooks you will find a dozen of articles of stone paper benefits, and you will also find information of its downsides. Some downsides are true, but some of them are myths that usually melt the same moment you get your first stone paper notebook. Let’s unmask all false statements.

Stone papers notebooks are made of wood and stone.

FALSE. Stone paper notebooks are usually 100% percent tree free and that’s one of their main advantages. The only exceptions possible is when stone paper producers use traditional wood pulp paper for stone paper notebook cover.

Stone paper notebooks are very heavy.

FALSE. Stone paper notebooks can be up to 30% heavier than traditional notebooks, but in most cases the weight difference is hardly noticeable.

Many stones are wasted to produce stone paper notebooks.

FALSE. Actually in most cases stone paper notebooks are produced out of limestone that is left as waste in construction places. And limestone or in other words calcium carbonate makes even 80% of stone paper notebook structure.

Stone paper notebooks are very expensive.
FALSE. There are plenty of options to purchase stone paper notebook and that includes different designs, number of pages and different prices. It’s not too hard to find stone paper notebooks that cost similar to traditional paper notebooks, and it’s only a question of time when will market grow and decrease their prices even more.

To sum up, stone paper notebooks in most cases tend to be something most people haven’t heard of. Since the stone paper market is new it’s obvious it will take a while for all the myths to melt. If you haven’t tried stone paper notebooks yourself we suggest to order Roca stone paper notebooks and begin your stone paper experience

Like standard paper, only better.
Waterproof. Tear resistant. Made from stone.

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