3 things to consider when you use waterproof paper

We all know that traditional paper hates any contact with water. But what if we need our notebooks, journals, or any kind of notes to be water-resistant? The waterproof paper sounds magic for some people, but not for the ones that work in the paper industry. Nowadays you can easily find waterproof paper that is made of synthetic materials, but today we tend to search for nature-friendly solutions. In this case, we choose to talk about the magic of stone paper. Let’s run through its benefits and things to consider when choosing a waterproof stone paper.

Tree free factor

The reason why the stone paper is water-resistant it’s because it’s made of limestone and neither trees nor water are used during its production. It’s really great if you use it as a waterproof notebook or waterproof journal, and it’s even whiter than traditional paper. The only downside you might notice is its weight. If the stone paper notebook is with a hardcover it might feel 20 – 30 percent heavier than a traditional notebook.


Despite all the stone paper benefits you must keep in mind that it might be challenging to print it by yourself. In most cases, home printers will not work on it. To make sure you have a quality print it’s always better to contact the printing factory and they will make it work.


Stone paper can be used not only for waterproof notebooks and journals but it can change traditional paper almost everywhere. Either it’s waterproof straws made of stone paper or waterproof maps – if the production is big enough you will get the same prices as for traditional paper but all the stone paper benefits will be included.


Despite the fact that the seller can say that the notebook is waterproof you should also ask about its cover. Sometimes covers (either it’s hardcover or softcover) are made not from stone paper so it might be damaged by any contact with water. Talk to your stone paper product production team about these qualifications to make sure your notebook or journal is ready for rain, coffee, or any other liquid attack.

To sum up it’s important to note that stone paper is a simple and cheap solution for waterproof paper either you use it for diving, working under rainy conditions or you just like to feel safe about your notes. When using waterproof paper you should also consider special markers that contain waterproof ink. Check out Roca stone paper products and try out waterproof solutions in your daily life!

Like standard paper, only better.
Waterproof. Tear resistant. Made from stone.

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