4 Reasons why Stone Paper Notebooks might be not for you

Every day there are thousands of new stone paper product users. And it’s not only stone paper notebook users. Stone paper industry is rapidly growing and you can now find things like bags, maps, hotel sugar packages made of stone paper. Roca stone paper sales managers noticed that the main reasons why people choose our products are: environmentally friendly alternative for traditional paper (no water consumption, no damage for trees), stone paper properties (water resistance, durability) and attraction (people using stone paper notebooks tend to attract attention of people that have not met this technology yet). Also our sales managers noticed TOP 4 objections why people find stone paper is not for them.

1. Too expensive

Traditional wood pulp paper is produced for a few hundred years. It’s dominating the market and huge traditional paper quantities made for an incredibly small production price. Stone paper is relatively new and nowadays most people are quite shocked to hear that someone created paper out of stones. If you will make a quick comparison A5 size Roca costs around €14.99 while similar size Moleskine is around €10-12. There’s a long road for stone paper to to push traditional paper out of the market and until then stone paper will be a bit more expensive than traditional paper. Unfortunately for some people the price for a more eco-friendly solution is too big for now.

2. It’s heavier than traditional notebook

Roca team often receive emails and calls related to notebooks weight. Yes, the truth is that stone paper is a bit heavier. It’s not as heavy as notebooks you can see in Flintstones cartoons but when you have a stone paper notebook in your hands you feel it’s 10 – 30 % heavier than a traditional notebook. It’s not really a big disadvantage for consumers but definitely something you need to consider when you are a producer and you need to mail big quantities of stone paper notebooks.

2. It’s heavier than traditional notebook

Roca stone papermaking process does not emit toxic gas. As prevention is better than solution, designing a production process to prevent discharge of toxic gas in the first place is clearly the more efficient and effective method than having to manage the toxic gas later. During the production of 1 ton of stone paper instead of wood pulp, you save the amount of CO2 that would be expended on a journey of 4.520 km by car. Of course, most like we will not consume a ton of any paper any time soon, but you know how they say – A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

3. It’s not printer-friendly

Stone paper is already used to print commercial leaflets. However that doesn’t mean you can put stone paper into your home printer. At the moment only big professional printers can leave a proper press on stone paper so it’s still a question of time when home printers will be able to work it.

4. Some pen may need special attention

Roca team was testing stone paper with most pens and pencils you can get these days. While most pens write on stone paper even better than traditional one there is still something you should know. We have found that some fountain pens may take longer to dry than ballpoints. However, you may need to alter your grip angle, or how hard you press down to achieve best results. There are several ups and downs when you explore the world of paper. However we believe that the downsides of stone paper do not affect your experience so much that it would not be worth a try. It will definitely take time till our generations will get used to new paper making technology but we always remind ourselves that the best way to make any impact is being a good example. If you are interested to try any stone paper products yourself visit Roca homepage: https://rocastonepaper.com/stone-paper-notebooks/

Like standard paper, only better.
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