5 Crazy ideas for stone paper notebook design

Each year the stone paper market is rapidly growing making stone paper notebooks cheaper and easy to get. Stone paper acts as the perfect solution to create paper without cutting millions of trees. Stone paper is tree free, water resistant and durable, but being extremely nature friendly doesn’t meet there’s a barrier of aesthetics. Surprisingly, stone paper is even whiter than traditional paper, and most stone paper notebooks producers will offer you a chance to design your first stone paper notebook by yourself. We will share 5 best ideas that our clients enjoyed on designing.

Family cover

The main question you should answer is what will you use your stone paper notebook for. If its main goal is etc. couple’s notes, then your family photo might perfectly suit its cover. It’s possible to print your favorite photo either on hard cover or soft cover.

Photo cover

There are dozens of websites like pexels.com that contain thousands of copyright free photos. Maybe you love nature and a photo of a butterfly can cover your notebook? Or maybe a leader of a tribe will suit your stone paper diary? Feel free to search for anything you might like.

Painting cover

Did you know that all Vincent van Gogh paintings are free domain? Check out your favorite artist paintings, and maybe you will find something you would love to see each and every day!

Crazy cover

Who said that the cover must be just a piece of printed paper? Maybe you want you cover to be made of some sort of clothing, peace of parachute or seashells? It can even be some sort of 3D printing, sky is the limit!

No cover!

You read it right. It’s okay not to use any cover at all, since there are special markers for stone paper that can be erased with a special rubber or heat or a hair drier. Make your notes always visible for you, because something you write or sketch can be a great cover itself!

To sum up technology allows to create any cover you can imagine, so allow yourself to be needy! If you have a great idea for stone paper notebook cover contact Roca stone paper team, and we will help you to make you dream to become a notebook!

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