7 Surprises Of Your First Stone Paper Notebook

While producing Roca stone paper notebooks we have noticed lots of different people reaction when they receive their first notebook. Check out what makes them surprised most!

1. Waterproof

We have a habit to protect our notes from any possible contact with coffee or any other liquids. In case of stone paper you can relax and go with the flow. Stone paper notebooks are fully water resistant. Just wipe the liquids off, and you can continue writing.

2. Natural white color

Traditional paper requires bleaches to make it white. The great thing about stone paper that it’s naturally white, and even whiter than traditional paper. That is because of its main material – limestone. Limestone is naturally white and stone paper is made out of lime stone dust.

3. Different density

If you lift a piece of stone paper and look through it, you might notice it’s a bit see-through. You can see it as a benefit or as a weakness, but sometimes companies use it as a subtle way to make their logo always visible!

4. Heavier weight

You will probably find it hard to grow muscles by lifting a stone paper notebook, but you can be sure it’s bigger weight is noticeable. Usually when people buy soft cover notebooks they do not see a big difference in weight, but the hard cover version always feels around 30 percent heavier.

5. Tear-resistant

If you try ripping a piece of stone paper you will be surprised for sure. This task is achievable, but it’s not that easy, because when you try to tear it, it feels like paper is some sort of rubber.

6. Colder

All nerds of physics know, that in the room temperature each thing feels as it has a slightly different temperature. If you compare Roca stone paper notebook with traditional paper notebook you will notice that Roca is a bit colder. What else can you expect out of stone 🙂

7. Soft writing

Ballpoints and pencils work perfectly on the stone paper. Different stone paper density makes writing feel extremely soft. But be aware that if you use a fountain pen it will take some time to dry until you can close your notebook!

To sum up having your first stone paper notebook is always a little sensorial trip. The good news is that you will quickly fall in love with most of the mentioned features. Check out Roca stone paper shop and choose a notebook for your first stone paper experience!

Like standard paper, only better.
Waterproof. Tear resistant. Made from stone.

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