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All weatherproof notebooks. Interview with Roca stone paper CEO Valdemar Tunkevic

Stone paper waterproof notebooks will enable you to jot down ideas and thoughts anytime, anywhere, no matter the conditions. You can write on their pages in the shower or bath, outdoors in the rain, snow, ocean, and even in inclement weather. And there’s no fear that your notes will be ruined by wetness. Your writing will survive water, sweat, tears, coffee spills, the washing machine, and more to stay clear and legible.

Whether you want to keep an outdoor adventure log, note down the ideas that come to you in the shower before they go down the drain, take notes in the field or lab, or need a writing pad to carry anywhere, you need such a hardy weatherproof notebook you can count on.

Stone paper itself is waterproof and rainproof. You can even have fun testing it in your sink. Even the cover of a stone paper notebook is made of stone. Water beads and slides right off instead of getting absorbed. Read answers to our frequently asked questions about Roca stone paper notebooks.

Why Use a Waterproof Notebook?

Valdemar Tunkevic: If you’ve ever tried to write on wet ordinary paper or in a humid/wet environment, you know it’s impossible to make a mark. And when regular paper comes into contact with water, the pages stick together, the ink smudges and the writing is ruined, and the papers become so soft that they tear easily.

These two challenges are the reason why to use waterproof notebooks, whose paper can be written on in wet conditions. When exposed to moisture, pages in a waterproof notepad stay in good condition. And the writing stays clear and legible. If you need a reliable notebook to have with you always, write on anywhere and have confidence that your notes will stay intact, a waterproof notebook is it.

When To Use a Waterproof Notebook?

Valdemar Tunkevic: You can use stone paper notebooks either you need to take notes in wet or less than ideal conditions. But the fact that stone paper is waterproof doesn’t mean you can use it only in bad conditions. Use it anytime you want, it’s not only about the extreme conditions, but about ecology as well. During stone paper production we don’t need to cut trees or waste water and Roca notebooks can be taken anywhere and used anytime.

Roca stone paper notebooks are also the right tools for those who study or work outside in the military, construction, journalism, fisheries and more, and need to take notes.

How Water Resistant are Roca stone paper Notebooks?

Valdemar Tunkevic: Most Roca stone paper notebooks are truly waterproof and can even withstand submersion, which means that you can use them to jot ideas underwater (exceptions can appear if you order a customized cover that is not waterproof). Some notebooks covers are just water resistant/repellent and only able to withstand showers or light rain and not a heavy downpour, prolonged exposure to moisture, or submersion

Whether you are a creative, corporate, traveler, or beach lover, the best way to organize, reflect, vent, and ideate is to do it with pen and paper. Roca stone paper waterproof journals are loved by all — there’s nothing like an accidental coffee spill to ruin your morning.

Either you choose the small and lightweight size that fits in hiking pants or jacket pocket, or one of Roca stone paper A5 notebooks – these notebooks are the perfect companions wherever you go. Just make sure you use the right pen to avoid smearing. Check out our stone paper notebooks shop and choose your favorite water-resistant Roca notebook.

Like standard paper, only better.
Waterproof. Tear resistant. Made from stone.

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