Custom notebook: traditional paper vs stone paper

When choosing a custom notebook people tend to notice that some notebooks aren’t made of traditional paper anymore. Lately stone paper manufacturers are offering their own version of custom notebooks. If you plan to place an order for custom notebooks consider pros and cons of both – traditional paper and stone paper.

Traditional paper – PROS

When choosing a custom notebook you choose it’s size, color, amount of pages and type of paper. The biggest pros of traditional paper is that we are all familiar with it. It is relatively cheap and there is the widest possible variety of options for it’s quality and print.

Traditional paper – CONS


One of the biggest World problems we are dealing with at the moment is environmental pollution and paper factories are a notable part of it. To make a ton of traditional paper 18 trees are cut and 2770 liters of water are lost.

Stone paper – PROS

The biggest pros of custom notebooks made of stone paper are that they are tree free. Stone paper is made of limestone, so if you customize your notebooks out of stone paper, 0 trees will be cut and not a drop of water wasted. Also stone paper is waterproof and tearproof.

Stone paper – CONS

Some would say that stone paper costs are higher, but when you are making a custom notebook in larger quantities it’s like stone paper price will beat the price of traditional paper. Despite that you should consider where your stone paper notebook maker is located. Since there are less stone paper notebook distributors it is possible that it will take a while till your custom notebooks will reach your location.

To sum up if you are planning to make custom notebooks for people that feel better with conservative solutions it’s better to choose traditional paper. And if your main priority is ecology – then with no question you will be surprised by stone paper quality. In case you are searching for a stone paper notebook provider you should check out Roca stone paper eshop.

Like standard paper, only better.
Waterproof. Tear resistant. Made from stone.

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