How can you get into stone paper business?

Stone paper is a tree free substitute for traditional paper, that has several competitive benefits. First it’s production is natural friendly (no need to cut trees, waste water of use some kind of bleaches as required by traditional paper production). Second thing is that it water resistant, tear resistant, and it’s totally durable. Since stone paper market is only making it’s first steps let’s review of how can you personally benefit from fit.

One of stone paper business opportunities is hidden under your creativity. Just think for a second, what kind of products use traditional paper? Maybe that traditional paper can be replaced with stone paper? Maybe you know someone who is making maps, cups or brochures? You don’t even need to have a stone paper factory, you can always be distributor. Begin with talking with paper product producers about their needs.

Second opportunity lies among book and notebooks makers. Here’s a second chance to begin with nothing by being distributor. Stone paper notebooks already have a dozen brands, so the market is constantly spreading. Also making books out of stone paper is still a new experience, and you can spread this idea in your surroundings. There are even small niches that are great to start with, for example offering planner producers to do at least a few planners of stone paper and check how their audience will like it.

If you know a thing or two about marketing you can sell stone paper products on your own. Maybe you can make an eshop? Or maybe Etsy website will be enough for you to begin with? The only thing you need to do is make first steps and ideas will start flowing.

To sum up stone paper market can be called a market of opportunities. Almost in all cases where traditional paper is used we can search for opportunities for stone paper. Allow yourself to make a step, and if you need any sort of help or tips you can always contact Roca stone paper team, and we will be glad to help you!

Like standard paper, only better.
Waterproof. Tear resistant. Made from stone.

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