Is it worth it to buy a Stone Notebook?

Notebooks made from stone might seem to be a joke if you hear it for the first time, but recently they are occupying stationary supply shops. When people consider buying a stone notebook they have doubts about several things. Are notebooks made from stone really tree-free? Are they really made out of stone? And how much do they weigh?

To answer all these questions we must define the meaning of a traditional notebook. A traditional notebook is a paper based notebook made of wood pulp. During its production water is used to form proper substance out of the wood pulp and using bleached paper gets its unnatural white color. If you like facts to produce a ton of traditional paper it takes 18 trees, 2770 liters of water, some bleaches and acids. Production of stone paper is totally different. The only similar thing is the final result.

Notebooks made from stone are really made out of stone. It’s limestone or you can call it calcium carbonate. The magic of its production is that limestone does not need to be mined. It’s a waste material of most construction, so it remains are usually gathered to create limestone dust. That dust is used to form the pages of brand new stone paper notebooks.


The crazy thing during this production is that no water is used and since limestone is white you don’t need any bleaches or acids to make it shine. And it’s really logical to talk about its weight. It’s definitely not a case of heavy Flintstones notebooks, but it’s around 15 – 25% heavier than a notebook made of traditional paper. Some people feel it, some people don’t.

To sum up, notebooks made from stone have many advantages against traditional paper notebooks. And it’s not only the production process. It’s also the fact stone paper notebooks are water-resistant and very hard to tear. Its downside is that it will take time for the stone paper industry to grow as big as the traditional paper industry, but probably the best way to help it grow is to buy stone notebooks. It has more benefits than we wrote about, so if you decide to give it a chance we recommend trying out the Roca stone paper notebook!

Like standard paper, only better.
Waterproof. Tear resistant. Made from stone.

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