Notebooks wholesale – how to become a notebooks distributor

if you have found this article most likely you came up with a plan to distribute notebooks. There are loads of notebooks distributors that buy notebooks wholesale and manage to create sexy margins. Read on to find out some tips that might help you to place the best bid for notebooks wholesale.

First of all you must decide on what kind of paper you want to use. Will it be traditional paper? Or maybe waterproof synthetic paper? Or maybe you love innovations and your notebooks will be made of tree free stone paper? Just like in every business story is the king. It doesn’t matter what you choose, find a great story. Maybe with traditional paper notebooks you will talk about covers made of famous paintings reproductions? Or maybe you will say that most inventions were written by hand? Or if you choose stone paper – you might tell a story about the trees each dozen notebooks save…

10 years ago notebooks distribution for new players was extremely difficult. It was a casual experience to write a letter for notebooks wholesale pretending you are not going to distribute them. Nowadays every factory realizes that distributors are golden. Most factories will do their best to share their marketing material and tips for distribution. You can always send letters for a few factories that offer your preferred notebooks (or can create them) and check how they communicate with you.

Third thing is quantity. Remember it’s always better to start small. Don’t make an order for 10 thousand notebooks. Start with hundreds, or even tenths. Yes, notebooks will cost you more and the margin will be smaller but that’s the price for knowledge. The truth is sometimes things go as expected and sometimes there are unexpected challenges on the road.

To sum up nowadays notebooks wholesale is a great way to become a distributor and all doors are open. There are no reasons not to try, because you can start with a small risk and factories will do their best to help you. In case you would like to try stone paper notebooks wholesale option contact us on [email protected] for our best price options.

Like standard paper, only better.
Waterproof. Tear resistant. Made from stone.

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