Stone paper planners and stone paper diaries

Planners and diaries seem to be paper products that everyone knows really well. Products themselves are great. Statistics say that 10 minutes of planning saves 90 minutes of time and everyone knows that diaries help us to reach emotional relief. The only problem with these products is that to our pleasure we take a loan from nature – we cut loads of trees to make these tools. But let’s talk not about the problems but about solutions that stone paper offers.

Tree free

It might sound crazy, but now you can get completely tree-free stone paper planners and stone paper diaries. The keyword here is limestone. Limestone is naturally white so it can be crushed into powder and produced in the form of paper. Often green solutions have some soft disadvantages, but not in this case. First of all stone paper planners and diaries not only skip trees in their production, but they do not waste any water too. The second great thing is its benefits. Most of us have destroyed our notes at least once when they get a coffee attack, rain attack, or other forces from our daily life. The good thing about stone paper is that it’s completely water-resistant. If you fill your stone paper diary or planner with a ball pen or other water-resistant pens your notes are safe. You might think that the paper is probably fatter than traditional paper or has some awful color, but no. It’s even whiter than traditional paper (stone paper is naturally white so during production it doesn’t require any bleaches) and it’s thinner than traditional paper.

To sum up we are living in times when we can always choose what suits our needs best. Technology allows us to make green steps without making any compromises so it’s up to our priorities. We recommend that you try out stone paper diaries and stone paper planners and inspire others with your example to take action for green and advanced versions of traditional things. Try our products to fall in love with stone paper.

Like standard paper, only better.
Waterproof. Tear resistant. Made from stone.

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