What products can you make out of stone paper?

While stone paper popularity is rapidly growing it’s possible to find more and more unique ways to change traditional paper into the stone paper. You can find maps that are made out of stone paper or even something even more unique, like bottle labels. In both of the following examples, stone paper is not only a green solution but also it is water-resistant and tear-resistant. Let’s explore more opportunities for stone paper products and new stone paper accessories.

Stone paper products

It’s easy to be convinced by the fact that stone paper is tree-free and requires no water in its production. That makes it a great green alternative for traditional paper. Unfortunately, most companies that use traditional paper for their products do not even consider trying stone paper because it’s more expensive and cannot be printed. The good news is that both of the mentioned facts are more like myths than reality. Stone paper production level has reached a point when the wholesale price is the same as traditional paper. Also, there are no problems printing stone paper products with factory printers. These are the two reasons that make stone paper potentially limitless. Do you know the feeling when your paper straw gets wet and becomes soft plus glues to your lips? Make it stone paper straw. Do you use dozens of boxes for your products? Make them stone paper boxes. The only thing that can limit stone paper products production is imagination.

Stone paper accessories

Nowadays most accessories for stone paper are accessories for stone paper notebooks. But you should see it only as a field of opportunities for new stone paper products combination. One of the most common stone paper accessories is an erasable pen. Most stone paper sellers, including Roca stone paper, will offer you erasable pens that use special ink and can be erased with the same pen right after you finish writing. Another popular stone paper accessory is a little fan that can be the best option to make huge amounts of erasable ink disappear in seconds. To tell you the truth you don’t need to buy a special fan, you can use the one you most probably have in your bathroom. The secret of erasable ink is that it disappears when it reaches 60 degrees Celsius. Also in the land of stone paper accessories, you might find water-resistant pens that will always be a great combination with a water-resistant notebook (especially if you work in the construction sector or you love to dive).

To sum up, the stone paper market is so new that it’s a green field of opportunities. And the great thing is that stone paper can change not only traditional paper, but sometimes it can also change plastic or other popular materials. Think of how your business can adapt to this green opportunity and contact the Roca stone paper team for possible solutions.

Like standard paper, only better.
Waterproof. Tear resistant. Made from stone.

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