Wood pulp paper substitute – stone paper

We all know traditional wood pulp paper, but now many of us heard that there are dozens of new kinds of paper: banana paper, bamboo paper or even stone paper. Let’s Take a closer look at the one that usually makes people frown most – the stone paper.

Stone paper is a biodegradable and completely non-toxic alternative to traditional paper. It’s a completely tree free alternative which mostly consists of calcium carbonate, a substance found in rocks like limestone. No water, toxins or bleach are used in the production of stone paper, and it will degrade safely, without the exhaustion of harmful gasses. If left in nature stone paper is completely gone in 9 to 12 months.

Stone paper has several widely known benefits compared to traditional paper. It is hard wearing and difficult to tear durable, waterproof and sustainable, which means it’s degrading processes are non-wasteful and non-toxic. However, it is noticeably heavier than traditional wood pulp paper. Also it is only making it’s first steps in marketing and people are still surprised to hear someone is making paper out of stone.

As you see, stone paper features make it possible to change traditional paper in many areas. The treefree paper is great for notebooks, calendars, labels, envelopes, notepads, maps and many other paper products! Even the banned plastic cups and plastic straws already have their stone paper substitute. We specialize in finding best solutions to use stone paper. Contact Roca stone paper team to discuss your ideas of possible stone paper usage.

Like standard paper, only better.
Waterproof. Tear resistant. Made from stone.

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